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what is Skin cancer?

People come to dermatologists to diagnose and treat lots of different skin conditions, but one of them stands out as being more important than all the rest combined. Skin cancer is the single most important reason to visit your dermatology practice. The sun in southern Arizona and Tucson, in particular, can be intense at any time of year, but especially during summer. People who are often outdoors or experience exposure to the intense sun for any length of time should consider getting an annual skin cancer screening exam. Skin cancer may be the most pervasive form of cancer in the US, with more than a million cases diagnosed annually. This is why particularly sunny areas like Tucson have a higher than average risk factor.

But there is good news: early detection and treatment have led to a 95% cure rate. In fact, even the most dangerous types of skin cancers have high cure rates when detected and treated early enough.

In addition to offering annual skin cancer screenings, Paloma Dermatology actually teaches patients to look for early warning signs. Self-examinations of your skin aren’t limited to your face, back, and scalp. Patients should regularly look at places that don’t necessarily get a lot of sun exposure, such as the soles of their feet, between the toes, and the palms of their hands. For a thorough exam, it is important to use mirrors so that it is possible to see the back of the head, back, and even the backside.

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What Can I Expect During a Skin Cancer Exam or Treatment in Arizona?

The first step to treatment is to schedule an appointment with our dermatologist, who will examine your skin for any indications of cancer. Any suspicious lesions will be biopsied and sent to a lab for testing. If the biopsy reveals skin cancer, your dermatologist will discuss treatment options.

Treatment for skin cancer varies according to the cancer’s type, location, extent, aggressiveness, and the patient’s general health. The goals of treatment for skin cancer are to remove all of the cancer, reduce the chance of recurrence, preserve healthy skin tissue, and minimize scarring after surgery.

With early detection and proper treatment, skin cancer is highly curable. The average cure rate when detected and treated in the early stages is 95 percent. Even melanoma, the most deadly form of cancer, yields a 95 percent cure rate when limited to the outermost layers of the skin.

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